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Thermovex PM

If you are like most people, you sleep about eight hours a day. (Or at least you try to.) That means for 1/3 of the day you are not supplementing your body. Further, you are not aiding the body during its recovery time. That is a big NO- NO. Look below and see what EVOCHEM is packing into THERMOVEX PM!

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Research Scientists know that when people get less sleep at night, they tend to lose the ability to shed weight. Even though weight loss is a complicated issue which has many factors; perhaps one of the most important factor is quality sleep. There is a correlation between quality sleep and two hormones which regulate appetite: leptin and ghrelin.  Studies have been increasingly showing that these two substances play a crucial role in weight loss and your body’s sleep.

So what exactly is Thermovex PM?

This product is a great tasting , stimulant free nighttime metabolic support formula that is specifically designed to optimize your Resting Metabolic Rate, which increased stored body fat utilization. In addition, Thermovex PM is designed to improve sleep patterns and preserve lean muscle.

What else is great about Thermovex PM?

Thermovex also contains the following items: 1.) Fiber 2.) Being available in Green Apple and Watermelon allows for a tasty pre bedtime drink. 3.) Powdered products typically are quicker to take effect than capsule and pill products.

How should I consume Thermovex PM?

Take one Scoop of Thermovex PM with 4-6 ounces of water, 30 minutes prior to bedtime, on an empty stomach. For optimal results, try combining Thermovex PM with Thermovex.


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