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Hypercor is a weight loss product this is highly sought after as a fat burning supplement. You can see by the products contents that Katalyst is not joking around. There are many products that claim to help burn fat. As seen on TV commercials and on late night infomercials. Those products you get at your local pharmacy convenience discount store. Their quality doesn’t come close to what Katalyst has developed. Target that metabolism with this metabolic formula.

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With Katalyst Nutraceuticals on the forefront of nutrition technology, several years ago we realized there was a void in the selection and effectiveness of weight loss supplements. We did this with Hypercor. We set out to get the best available supplement on the market today. What you had to choose from was an abundance of “like” weight loss products carrying different labels. For this reason Katalyst Nutraceuticals set out to fill this void and develop the most complete and effective fat loss system to date. This product is sure to get your friends talking about your changing lifestyle and weight.

This product can help you with Energy levels, Thermogenesis, and Metabolism.

Check out the supplement’s active ingredient list below!


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