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Do you want this product in your supplement arsenal to help produce a healthier you? Well you’re in luck, Nutrishop Brandon is carrying this powerful new Superfoods product to give you the Antioxidants and fruits you need for your fitness and well-being goals.

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Trailhead, the company that produces nutritional products that are organic and healthy, now produces Trailhead Superfoods. Superfoods is a fantastic new product that delivers insane amounts of Super Foods to your body through a fantastic drink.

This superfoods product contains twelve grams of carbohydrates and eight grams of clean fiber. Superfoods has a variety of super-fruits that promote a healthier lifestyle. These contain insane amounts of antioxidants. Some of the super-fruits included in this product are Maqui Berry, Baobab fruit, Tart Cherry and Jabuticaba, all high quality and often neglected fruits. In addition , the formula contains a sea vegetable blend that packs Aquamin F and Fucoxanthin to give you a variety of sea minerals.Trailhead superfoods But of course, Trailhead did not stop there. They also added digestive enzymes to aid in the digestive process.


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